VooDoo Tutu

We are family owned and operated by three sisters.  The story started after we ran our first marathon together in 2013 as a Bucket List item.  We were hooked!  Since that race we plan yearly marathons (along with numerous fun runs) we can run together as sisters.  We also noticed an increase in tutus being worn during the races.  Not just the fun runs, but also the full and half marathons. What an awesome idea!!  So,...  Why not make tutus for races.  All three of us are creative and artistic and love crafts.  And that is how Voodoo Tutu was born.  The name of our business was inspired by a donut shop we visited in Eugene during our first marathon outing.  We wanted to keep our name a little edgy to represent our personalities.

2013 Eugene Marathon, three sisters


2015 Haden's Heart 5k run